Episode 140 – How can we collectively create a safe space for children with Emily Rivera

Released on February 2, 2023

Emily and I discuss the importance of cultivating our youthful selves and how by doing that for ourselves and the work on our inner child, we create safety for our children as a byproduct.

In this episode, we hone in on the gifts of Emily Rivera, also known as The Angel Coach where she has been an intuitive all her life, and offering insights since her own childhood. For over a decade now, she has been professionally supporting individuals of varying ages and backgrounds connect to Divine guidance. Offering them answers, tools, and strategies into creating a life of fulfilment, freedom, and abundance. 

Our duty as creators of our life is to leave this world behind better than we found it and by taking the time to learn about ourselves and how we can tap even more into the emotional connection between the inner and outer world can ultimately enhance what we are here to accomplish at a collective level.

Emily will guide you through the power of your own intuition and awaken the superhuman that you know you are.


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