Episode 139 – How artists breakthrough into creativity by following their hearts with Brad Jameston.

Released on January 28, 2023

Brad and I met over a cup of coffee in Ibiza in the small town of Santa Gertrudis and we were both in a space of creativity and trust. All we knew was that we have big dreams and we were going to follow our hearts, the kindness in this man is bar none, his journey is one of truth and be ready to watch this man rise to the top of the lists.

Join us connect as we discuss the power of music and the importance of coming together as a family and how important it is to know that by a deeper understanding of letting go we become the highest form of ourselves.


Brads journey is one of expression and faith and he shares the importance of trusting in your own creative process rather than seeking it outside of yourself.

He is here to bring people together through the magic of his voice, and the willingness to express himself without limitations. He shares how he lets go and what his journey has looked like as a musician with a purpose. 

He will empower you to know that if you want to fulfill your dreams, go out there and make them your reality. Its in you for a reason, trust in yourself. 


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