Episode 138 -How energetic lovemaking can empower your self-confidence to try new things⁣ with Bibi Brzozka.

Released on January 18, 2023


Bibi’s unique journey throught the corporate world and the luxury stratosphere helped her determine that there was even more she wanted to create in her own life and was willing to build the confidence to regularly try new things.⁣

By discovering the relationship with her highest self she went on a journey to encourage an expression that was deeply important to her.⁣

 ⁣Conscious Sexuality for men and women has been a rising topic and a curiosity in a world that many feel can be taboo.⁣

However, as Bibi discovered this deep relationship with herself today she helps men, women, and couples to amplify this curiosity so they can have the most profound love life. In the sheets, and out among nature, to foster that profound connection that many of us truly hope will one day be understood.⁣

Bibi is an awakener of power and sensation, and she will guide you into deeper states of fulfillment. She can help you weave powerful practices into your own life, as she serves as a vessel for conscious intimacy in modern times.⁣

Her mission is to help you reclaim your body, your pleasure, your power. You came here for a reason, to release your most expressed and embodied version of yourself. ⁣

She has taken what shes learned to craft the kind of sexual education we all need not only for great sex, but for richly fulfilling lives.⁣


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