Episode 137 – How can you adapt and improvise your creativity with Zoran Todorovic

Released on January 11, 2023

In an ever changing world its those with the most creative potential that sometimes feel like they don’t belong.  Zoran and I sit down to discuss the importance of improvising as a creative intelligence that is ready to enhance and adapt to what it means to support alongside one another. 

Living on the beautiful island of Ibiza Zoran is a leading international master coach, notable author and passionate activist for the evolution of human consciousness. We had the good fortune of developing an understanding of one anothers beautiful wisdom and I must say this is a man with profound dedication to supporting people tap into their own excellence and helping people create certainty within themselves in a world that has conditioned “star seeds” to feel as if something is wrong. 

Zoran’s vision and mission is “evolving humanity” where human beings tap into their highest potential and apply that brilliance to breakthrough projects for the greater good of our collective. Imagine a world where we all live according to our true potential. A world where every great idea is instantly realised in an effortless, joyful, and collaborative way. A world where we are our best selves and reveal, appeal to, and appreciate the best in others.

Co founding TNM Coaching and bringing a better tomorrow through his unique platform where he not only interviews some of the leading individuals but also host luxury retreats, and bridges the gap between the internal and external worlds. You wont want to miss this episode


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