Episode 134 – How can a Kundalini Awakening Amplify your Abilities with Neven Paar

Released on December 6, 2022

On this podcast join me and Neven Paar the Authour of The Serpent Rising and The Magus, 2 Kundalini principled books driven to help anyone understand their internal peace and freedom.  Neven has taken his own awareness and shared his profound discovery in two amazing books, and on the show we dig deeper into the importance of knowing ourselves as humans to tap into our fullest potential and cultivate a more profound understanding towards ourselves and the ability to create our lives. The greatest teacher is within us.


“One of the first gifts to manifest in my life was the unfoldment of new creative expressions. Visionary painting, inspired acting and comedy, and expressions through poetry and musical lyrics entered my life as I allowed this newfound creative energy to channel through me. Knowledge and understanding of the hidden mysteries of life and Creation inspired my tone of speaking and writing on Spiritual topics. A new thirst for expressing these truths evolved inside me as my consciousness continued to expand as a result of the Kundalini energy awakened within me.”


We can all consciously express this artist within us, all we have to do is be willing to go inside and discover it.


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