Episode 133 – How to Create Community that Becomes Family with Immanuel Cape

Released on Nov 26th, 2022

On this podcast Join me and Immanuel the Freedom Rebel who has taken the last years traveling between Ibiza and Tulum and co-founded Tulum and Ibiza CryptoClub where global entrepreneurs share their gifts and educate about the importance of wealth sovereignty and financial literacy. As an avid speaker educating on the power of crypto, you’ll be interested to hear some quality value shared about how the crypto market is currently an uncertain one just like everything else in our life, how we can all learn from our choices, because the only certainty we all have is inside us. Whether it’s crypto, business, romance, expression, and following the heart we all must take responsibility for our actions. Immanuel is a dear friend and has always put his heart and soul into everything he does. Thank you for coming on brother.


Immanuel Cape is a motivator and educator and has founded Tulum Crypto Club, Tulum Crypto Fest, Ibiza Crypto Club and is regularly contributing to the environment through his art, leadership, kindness and generosity. An all round amazing human being leading from the heart.


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And his new Freedom Podcast

The Freedom Podcast by Immanuel Cape wit EVAN LUTHRA


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