Episode 132 – How to Be a Lifelong Student with Kim Zoller

Released on Nov 19th, 2022

On this podcast Kim Zoller and I discuss and discover the power of our open minded ways to learn from one another and how we find it important to utilize this type of curiosity in the world. What would it look like if more of us could show up in curious expressions and be hungry to learn from one another. If we take more time to learn, we can expand our culture within organizations, communities, and nations.  Unifying perspectives and maps of the world that may be different from ours and instead recognizing and understanding where they may be coming from. No limitations, just infinite ways to learn, this is what family does, it listens.

Kim Zoller, CEO and founder, began ID360 over thirty years ago after working in the staffing industry. Kim recognized that individuals with strong competencies but lacking superior interpersonal skills must develop that area if they truly want to succeed.  

Kim’s strength is her ability to be a true strategic partner by assessing needs, delivering sustainable solutions and implementing measurable results. She is also a dynamic facilitator and coach, Kim’s passion and goal is to make a positive and measurable impact in her clients’ lives.

Connect with Kim Zoller

Website: https://www.id360inc.com/pages/kim-zoller