Episode 131 – How to Empower the Next Generation with Dr. Mohammed Naji

Released on Nov 11th, 2022

On this podcast Join me and Dr. Mohammed Naji as we discuss the emerging opportunities and how we can learn from our youth and empower the next generation of pioneers by creating a space of opportunity and co creative purpose. There is an emerging billion dollar opportunity for truth and expression, and it’s up to us to collectively enhance our possibilities to its fullest potential. Let’s stop limiting one another, and instead cultivate driven change together.

Dentist, entrepreneur and youth mentor, Dr. Mohammed Naji is a consummate professional who brings his vision and values to every field he approaches. Some are blessed with a cavalry-like straight row of pearly whites. Dr. Mohammed Naji enjoys fame uncharacteristic of his somber profession. Dr Mohammed Naji handles Liberty Dental Clinic, has his own medical reality show, a sizable social media following, an entrepreneur across multiple industries, and will now play mentor under GADHA to inspire the youth.

Connect with Dr Mohammed 

Website: https://drmohammednaji.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drmohammednaji/?hl=en