Episode 128 – How to Step into your Truth with Christina Dam

Released on Oct 14th, 2022

On this podcast Join me as we cultivate truth with Christina and our discussions of the wisdom of what vulnerability brings to the table as leaders of our own lives.  We encounter and discuss the importance of activating this energy within communities and how we can all do this together.

Cristina Dam, spiritual guru and owner of Liberate Hollywood and Liberate Emporium, the two largest holistic centers in Los Angeles, is truly leading the charge when it comes to holistic medicine and techniques. Dam, an expert healer, motivator, and licensed hypnotherapist, offers everything from breathwork to Reiki and card reading to bring mind and body into spiritual alignment. Cristina offers remote sessions and live stream meditations, news that will put notable names such as Adam Sandler, Hale Berry, Moby, Diplo, and others among her celebrity clientele at ease.

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