Episode 126 – How can your darkness illuminate the light within with Theo Cummings

Released on Sept 30th, 2022

What does the darkness really mean?

Embrace the darkness…

Step into fulfillment, this is one of the most powerful experiences of what we need to cultivate in a masterful experience of soulful life.

We often misinterpret what is right for what is wrong, and vice versa because we are conditioned in certain ways, however if we identify that light is illuminated in the dark, then we can start to accept all.

What I would like to cultivate within each of us is moments of presence. This can ultimately help us identify the gift of who we are and as we do this with each other.

We can start to truly be ourselves without fear for what anyone else will think or try to make us believe.

We have been conditioned to be scared of something, when all we need is inside of us.

So embrace who you are and step into your darkness, the light within you will show up.

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Theo is a coach and mentor with a vibrant, warm, yet raw and straight-forward, no-fluff attitude, with conscious awareness and focus on root-causes and relationship patterns and observance of common speech patterns that are made by my clients who ultimately never cease to amaze themselves with the new abundance on their own terms and benefits they are capable of manifesting into their realities.  

This change begins to occur immediately upon beginning, as the subconscious lives and operates within the “present” moment and after doing the Deep Work, consciousness naturally elevates because people’s souls naturally want to rise.

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