Episode 125 – How to Find Faith and Love Through Struggle and Setbacks with Stephen Brooks

Released on Sept 21st, 2022

Anyone who tells you that life will all be easy one day is probably trying to sell you something. It doesn’t matter how much we achieve, how much effort we put in or how many of our dreams we realize – there will always be bad days and hard moments to deal with.

That’s no reason to be depressed, though, because through those same experiences we learn, we grow, we become more compassionate and understanding, and ultimately reach higher than we ever thought possible. It’s our perception of these experiences which makes them what they are, so at the end of the day it all comes back to us.
A setback or a course correction? A failure or a lesson learned? You decide.

Stephen Brooks knows first hand the power of perception in defining our lives, and especially when it comes to unforeseen circumstances. Even after pouring his life into Punta Mona, a regenerative sanctury for healing earth and people, he was forced to confront a sudden change in circumstances that threatened everything he’d worked so hard to build.
In those kind of moments, it all comes down to faith. Faith in ourselves, in the people around us, and in the universe itself, of which Stephen remains a fearless proponent, even during tough times.

Stephen Brooks is a world-renowned ethnobotanist, permaculture designer and educator, and the founder and primary Director of Punta Mona, our home for one week of conscious discovery in the rainforests of Costa Rica. When you hike into this exquisite, private beachfront oasis, you are walking into Stephen’s dream. His dream of a more sustainable, community-oriented, and interconnected world.
“And I am you. And you are me. And we are all together.” – Stephen Brooks

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