Episode 123 – How to Restructure the Psychology of Yourself with Rodolfo Escalante

Released on Sept 9th, 2022
Taking control of our thoughts and actions is a monumental endeavor, learning to break the cycles of behavior which might have been built up over years, or even decades, and see the world anew, as it truly is. So many of us spend our lives lost in our minds, obsessed with our thoughts and addicted to our flawed understanding of the world, so that when we begin to understand just how much work there is to be done it can suddenly be very scary.
That’s why throughout human history there have been guides, teachers and those who live to impart wisdom. We are lucky today that we can learn from so many great thinkers from across the centuries, and from all over the world, as we move together towards a better collective experience of life.
Rodolfo Escalante or Rodo, is one such individual, who has developed a powerful methodology to reconnect people with their true authentic selves. Working with the body, the mind, the breath and all our subtle energy states, Rodo wants us to move beyond our thoughts and into our feelings, delve into the depths of who we truly are, and emerge reborn.
In an age where altered consciousness, pop psychology and experimentation are more popular then ever, his wisdom is invaluable for navigating the labyrinth of self.
Rodo is the guide of the breath, the one who introduces us to the world of our consciousness by supporting us with tools that dwell within us and sometimes go unnoticed: attention and breath.
Rodo’s journey began when at a very young age he was diagnosed with ADD, dyslexia, depression, and anxiety. After going down the conventional path of Western medicine, with little progress, he delved into the teachings of Dr. Levry. Entering into meditative practices with Gurumuki, Mala and Pranayama techniques for over 13 years, allowed him to confront and overcome all of his mental diagnosis. Today, his experience as a professional freediver, and his exploration for deep conciousness motivate him to share this knowledge to serve those who seek to go into themselves to heal.
“I’m here to teach awareness .” – Rodolfo Escalante
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