Episode 121 – How to Harness the Energy of Infinite Potential with Danny Morel

Released on June 28th, 2022

There is an increasing awareness in the world today that our shared reality is simply layer upon layer of energy, created by people like you and me, and that what we see around us is nothing more than an expression of our internal universe. These ideas are not new, they have been with us for thousands of years, but as modern science continues to catch up to ancient wisdom, they are being recieved by more people than ever before.

This energy flows constantly, all around us, through us, into us and out from us towards others. That is its nature. Obstruct the flow and you can expect blockages, stagnation, problems and stress, but let it flow and you tap into a powerful tool for healing.

Danny Morel has been at the forefrunt of this energy revolution for many years, helping people transform their lives, release the restrictions they place on themselves and reestablish relationships with their true self. His approach reminds us of the extraordinary beings we all are, and helps attune our senses to the infinite energy with which we are endowed, energy to redefine our reality and let love flow forth for all.

Whether it’s working through emotional trauma, getting your lifestyle back into shape or manifesting the success you know you deserve, it all starts with divine energy, and directing it to the right places.

Danny Morel is an Awakening Guide dedicated to helping humanity awaken their life’s truest potential. He has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through his books, events, retreats, and seminars. The foundation of his teachings are simple: Everything in a persons outer world (finances, health, relationships, etc.) is a reflection of the persons inner world.

Danny will guide you through healing internal fears and limiting beliefs you have unknowingly been living with since childhood. He will lead you to reconnect with your life’s truest potential, purpose, and power.

“Never look to others for success, because that will only distract you from your own.” – Danny Morel

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