Episode 12 – Fear is a Choice

Released on March 23, 2020
With all the fear in the world surrounded with the Corona virus, I want to spend this episode talking about the power of fear. I always use facts to make informed decisions in order to not let constant fear stop me from living. I believe fear is an illusion and when you truly understand this, you’ll be fearless. I know there are dangers associated with the corona virus, but as this continues, the element of fear is based on the future – when we should be focusing on uniting together and spreading love. It’s important in times like this to stay connected and understand the different angles to this. For example, the media, the facts and the surrounding circumstances surrounding the corona virus. Please remember, we are all creators of something greater than ourselves.
What you will discover: 
– Importance of using facts to make informed decisions.
– Why fear is an illusion.
– How to respond and not react to fear. 
– It is your decision to turn fear into faith.
– Helping people in times of fear.