Episode 119 – How to Reclaim Ownership of Your True Destiny with Nathan Kohlerman

Released on April 13th, 2022

These days we are conditioned to view the world through the lens of one individual, and that individual is universally accepted as being ourselves. In itself, this isn’t necessarily a problem, but without the right frame of reference it can lead us down a very limited, narrow path.

Reestablishing a connection with our true and divine selves is a massive undertaking, unpicking generations of mis-learned concepts and opening our minds to the full richness of the reality we exist in. It starts with you, with who you are and what you are capable of, but extends outwards in all directions, appreciating the majesty of the entire universe as ours to shape as we will.

Nathan Kohlerman has spent years on a journey to find the true essence of self, to establish a new lineage of love and hope and sovereign power over his own choices, to help drive all of us towards a better tomorrow by building a better today. He wants us all to reconnect with the world around us, to feel the power of nature, to immerse ourselves in the experience of divinity, and channel that awesome energy towards positive transformation.

He has been my friend, my brother, my teacher for many years, and I invite all of your to share in his wisdom with an open heart.

Nathan Kohlerman is a Spiritual Counselor, Masculine Alchemy Mentor, Embodiment Coach, Ordained Minister, and founder of NeuIntention®. Revolutionizing human potential through the mind, body, and soul, his multifaceted approach is intended to guide others on the path to awaken, heal, and transform through the power of self-realization, integration, and embodiment.

“In order to heal it, we must feel it.” – Nathan Kohlerman 

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