Episode 117 – How to Find Your Path of Faith with Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs

Released on March 15th, 2022

Faith isn’t something that many people keep in the forefront of their minds when it comes to making decisions, but in fact it’s absolutely central to everything in life. Where else can we find the strength to manifest a new reality?

Whether you’re trying to build a brand, spread a powerful idea or just dive in to a deeper understanding of yourself, it’s the power of faith that will ultimately take you there.

That doesn’t mean that everything will always go your way, and true faith doesn’t come and go with changing circumstances. True faith is the ability to accept obstacles as lessons, and be grateful for the wisdom they bring. True faith is being secure in the knowledge that, whatever might stand in your way today, tomorrow you will keep moving forward and achieve something incredible.

For Dr Jake Tayler Jacobs faith is a matter of fact, and it has helped guide him through all kinds of challenging experiences, to eventually arrive at a place of abundance and strength. There is so much we need to learn that cannot be taught, and keeping our faith will provide the strength to take each lesson as it comes.

Dr. Jake has been educating families and college students on the topic of financial literacy since 2012. Though he is passionate about teaching on the topics of legacy building and financial freedom, Dr. Jake never thought in a million years he would actually build a business in the financial industry that would be recognized all over the world. Now, he has been recognized as one of the best business developers in the country and continues to show why, every day. 

Dr. Jake is on the Forbes Business Council, He sits on the board of Regents at Harvest Christian University, He runs a Debt FREE 8 figure Fin-Tech conglomerate, he’s been named yahoo’s top 10 financial advisors the list can go on and on. But what he’s most proud of is that he is a Great Husband, a great father, a great son abs a great friend.

“God, I honor you for every storm. Because it’s the storms that built this man!” – Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs

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