Episode 116 – How to Unlearn the Delusion of Duality with Daniel Raphael

Released on February 25th, 2022

The spiritual path is a long journey, and though much of it is walked with joy there are also inummerable challenges we encounter along the way.

In the search for something authentic, something real, something pure and genuine, how can we identify sources of truth?

Many ancient traditions speak of moving past duality, discarding the notion of ‘I’ and ‘other’ and allowing yourself to become part of the indivisible unity of the universe. In that mind state there is no separation between ourselves and the world around us, and the fundamental truth of reality is revealed.

We are all at once divine masters of the cosmic force, and also infinitessimally small parts of a greater whole. We cannot save the world alone, because to be alone is to be separate from the world, and yet each action we take is saturated with meaning, with the potential to transform lives and reshape the future.

Understanding our role in this divine intelligence is a journey in and of itself, one that Daniel Raphael continues to walk every day. His lessons show how a human heritage of wisdom has no less relevance for us today than they did for our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Finding the courage to step back, and allow yourself to channel the energy of the infinite is a great work that may never be completed, and yet each step brings us closer to true miracles.

Daniel Raphael is an intuitive guide and global meditation teacher who has taught thousands to manifest the life of their dreams by harnessing the universal laws and transform their greatest blocks and challenges.

Daniel considers himself an eternal student who is grateful for the countless teachers and teachings on his path. Being born with advanced intuitive abilities which then shut down after a series of traumatic events, Daniel left conventional therapies for a 13-year healing quest around the world to overcome severe mental and emotional challenges and now is dedicated to sharing his discoveries with the world.

“It’s Time To Take A Quantum Leap” – Daniel Raphael

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