Episode 114 – How to Recalibrate your Earthly Resonance with Charles Clay

Released on January 31st, 2022
In this life, things won’t always go your way unless you are willing to go the way of life. It is from the sadness that we understand the power of joy, the loneliness which teaches us how to appreciate the special people in our life, and guilt that shows us the light of divine pride and glory.

If we move through life expecting always to be happy, to always feel motivated and confident, we will inevitably encounter disappointment. And if we are not trained in appreciating those negative emotional states, then they can take a heavy toll on us.

That’s why it’s time to cast a wider net, to embrace the full game of emotional and psychospiritual experiences that we are gifted within this short life, to dig deeper, look closer, and uncover the core of golden wisdom in everything around us.

It won’t always be easy. It takes a total realignment of everything we were taught to know about this life, but if we can let go of our fear and turn to face the blazing light of truth, we will unlock a power that is truly beyond compare.

Charles Clay has been moving through all of these lessons, releasing the burden of 3D debris, and training himself to love everything about the human experience. Life happens, every moment of every day, and if you’re not careful some of its most magical moments will pass you by.

Charles Clay is a Men’s Empowerment Coach, Dynamic Speaker, Published Author and Founder of M Powered Men’s Group Training and Mastermind.

He offers powerful and playful practices for moving through fear, releasing resistance, and stress to activate your zone of genius and build the confidence to share your greatest gifts.

His path from tragedy to triumph and extensive training in the healing arts has allowed him to offer a series of high-level upgrades to unlock human potential.

“Discover what are the lessons and blessings we’re feeling uncomfortable.” – Charles Clay

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