Episode 111. How to Connect with a Power Beyond Ourselves with Estas Tonne

Released on November 26th, 2021

We are all aware on some level of a power greater than ourselves. It has many names, and many people attempt to speculate about its true nature, but the fact it exists is evident all around us.

For those of us gifted in the creative arts, whether we are wordsmiths, natural performers, inspired thinkers or have an eye for design, there will always come a moment where we ask ourselves… Where does all this come from?

Certainly we study those who came before us, we develop our skills and find inspiration everywhere, but there is inevitably that special something that makes our contribution unique. It is at that point where we channel the purest energy of the universe, and embody the full power of creation.

Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a creative person, you are in touch with that same power. Estas Tonne reminds us all that we are only ever a conduit for the energies of change and transformation, and the journey of life is no different from the process of creating a sublime symphony. His awareness of self helps him to channel the magic that lies within each of us into incredible and moving creations.

At the heart of both processes is a reconnection with the energy in our deepest heart, an alignment between our mind, our soul, and the energy which flows between all things.

When we channel that kind of power, there is nothing we cannot achieve.

Estas Tonne is a charismatic being who is committed to artistic expression and the authentic unfolding of music – for the purpose of wellbeing and for the purpose of a shift. He is a modern-day troubadour travelling around the world with his guitar for over two decades and sharing music solo or in collaborations with various artists and performers. The world being his home, Estas finds inspiration in cultural richness of the world. His music reflects many influences and stories. Elements of classical structure, techniques of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and electronic soundscapes. Estas’ performances can be described as sound journeys with authentic unfolding of music through emotional expression and deeper connection. A variety of styles flowing into each other harmoniously, reaching out differently every time, yet always in a unique form and melody.

Estas performs at concerts, conferences, street, yoga, art, and various festivals. He is also actively involved in collaborations ranging from film, poetry, meditation to theatre, dance, circus, and visual arts.

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