Episode 11 – A Spiritual Business Owner

Released on March 16, 2020
As you can tell by the title, this week is all about being a spiritual business owner. I really focus on my root chakra, which for me, stems from feminine energy, which helps me understand the stability in myself. Building and creating spiritualty has allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals, which has allowed me to magnetize from my community. It really is possible to help a lot of people faster than you think. When you are able to connect your business to your spirituality, you can focus on something greater than yourself. Let me ask you this: “What’s the difference between the best-case scenario that you’re about to take and the worst-case scenario that you’re going to take?”
What you will discover: 
– How to be more conscious. 
– How to use your spiritual side to serve your highest level.
– Understanding your foundation that grounds yourself to something greater than yourself.
– Using your spiritual journey to help discover your ideal client and actually be able to deliver results.
– Why using your thoughts and feelings to generate emotions to amplify your business.