Episode 109. How to Set Yourself Free through Soul Alchemy with Farah Siddiq

Released on November 3rd, 2021

When we take that first step into a more conscious modality of living, suddenly our whole world changes. We see the world differently, we see ourselves differently, and we see other people differently as well.

During these moments of profound transformation, we may have to confront a vision of the future where the road ahead is fraught with challenges. We may find ourselves at odds with the systems of the world around us, questioning some of the fundamental rules of our reality. We may feel that we are somehow different, that we don’t ‘fit,’ or that things we once took for granted are now coming into question.

And it can feel overwhelming, but we must keep moving forward.

Farah Siddiq knows firsthand how important it is to embrace your highest incarnation, and not to suppress your vision for the world no matter how outlandish it might seem. The only way to be a conduit for the infinite power of the universe is by aligning your actions with your inspiration and letting the energy flow.

Of course, the highest power any of us can channel is the power of love, the power of compassion, and no matter how high our aspirations take us we must never forget that we are here to serve. Starting with ourselves, it is our responsibility to treat the world with care, build a more compassionate community, and move forward in unity together.

Farah Siddiq is an Afghan-American female tech founder, teacher and healer. She is also the CEO and Co-Founder of a startup called iAscend, a social marketplace for holistic health and healing experiences. Where wellness is right and not a privilege. Turning the wounds into medicine is her expertise. She has worked on clients who have been terminally ill, in transition life to death and have had severe PTSD. 

“I’m going to live in alignment with who I am, what I was born to do.” – Farah Siddiq

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