Episode 104. How To Harness the Strength of your Inner Self with Lauren Courtney

Released on September 27th, 2021

When you love what you do, there’s nothing wrong with working every day. And that’s the key to everything – love!

Our efforts and endeavors shouldn’t just be about the money we make or the respect we get from other people, they should reflect the deepest and innermost part of our soul. That way, when we find success, we can be secure in how valuable it is to us. We can be free of relying on other people to feel good about ourselves or to validate us, a true freedom that no one can take away.

But that kind of love for ourselves takes time to build, and it requires the same care and attention that we would put into any other meaningful relationship. It took Lauren Courtney years to build a strong connection with herself, and convert all that energy into success, but all through the process she never lost faith in her ability to achieve what she wanted.

By aligning her goals with her heart, she was able to channel an incredible power into her actions, and work with the universal force of change to bring about something incredible. Whether it’s with mantra, meditation, training or just showing up for yourself every day, fostering a sense of genuine self belief has given her everything she needs to keep moving forward, whatever happens.

And you can do the same. We all can. Just be patient. Work with yourself first. Never forget that change without begins with transformation within, and that by achieving true alignment between our mind, body and soul, there’s nothing we cannot do.

These are some of the tips that Lauren Courtney leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

“Open your heart and see all the magic inside of you.” – Lauren Courtney


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