Episode 103. How To Empower Your Inner Divinity with Virginia Salas Kastilio

Released on September 22nd, 2021

There are so many expectations placed on all of us, all the time. By society, by our friends and family, and especially by ourselves. We are told how to behave, what to do and who we should be, and suddenly we find ourselves on autopilot, just going through life accepting things, but not actually living them.

And we have to stop. We are all worthy of so much more. The most radical act of love you can take in this life is to love yourself, sincerely and with truth, and allow yourself to be free, unshackled, wherever you go. No matter how much we change ourselves to suit the preferences of others, it will never be enough, because the love that we receive is not for us, it’s for a fraudulent idea of ourselves, a character we are playing. It can be exhausting.

By showing your true self, honest and unfiltered, we open a doorway for others to love us. Virginia Salas Kastilio wants everyone to know that it’s okay to be imperfect, or angry, or upset, it’s okay to bear the scars of experience and struggle, because it doesn’t make us any less powerful or amazing. What’s important is that we are the wholeness of ourselves. That is the foundation of healing.  

People will pick up on the sincerity of who you are, and be drawn to your powerful energy, but more than that, you will be drawn back to yourself, a source of loving support that will be with you always, wherever you go.

So for us, as leaders, we must build spaces in which people feel safe to start peeling back those layers, we have to offer them a sense of security, the power of understanding, prioritize their needs and provide the support they need to reconnect with themselves.

These are some of the tips that Virginia Salas Kastilio leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

“You are the creator.” – Virginia Salas Kastilio

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