Episode 102. How To Uncover Your Inner Gold with Jeff Scult

Released on September 16th, 2021

Everything we need is already inside us. It’s something we’re told again and again, so often that it can sometimes sound like a cliché, but it’s true.

If we have the courage to let go, to stop struggling against the flow of life and instead dive headfirst into the current, allowing our feelings to guide us and our hearts to absorb the wisdom of every experience, we will truly break free from fear. The things in life which resonate with us deserve our attention, our energy, and through them we can find a path towards a more fulfilled and conscious version of ourselves

It can be overwhelming at times, and that’s okay. That’s life. Things happen that we can’t predict, but we can prepare ourselves to deal with them in the best possible way. With love, with respect, with wisdom. We can return to nature, and uncover our fundamental essence.

Jeff Scult’s journey has been a long one, and it’s not over yet. He’s determined to help us all reframe, release and reveal the powerful truth which lies beneath the surface of this human experience. By honoring the process of creation and surrendering to the energy of life, he has initiated a movement for a better, brighter world, where we all find the gold within ourselves. 

These are some of the tips that Jeff Scult leaves us in this episode of The Resilient Minds Podcast.

After three decades amplifying other’s disruptive ideas and inspirations, Jeff pivoted in 2016 to be the architect of his own vision – One Golden Thread – a “lovestyle” clothing brand whose “unisexy” minimalist designs are devoted to the principles of Interbeing – nature and us as one – to make a net positive impact for Earth, us and self.

Jeff and One Golden Thread was lauded by FORBES in Feb 2021 for “raising the sustainability bar for Gen R : Regeneration.” Jeff also serves conscious leaders to unearth the golden essence of their mission through his brand soul language consulting, “ConSculting”, all in the name of igniting transcendent truth for another.

Jeff considers his greatest life achievement mentoring two at-risk/father-less boys for 11 years in a Big Brother’s Program in the early 2000’s. Both are loving fathers today.

“Each of us is golden inside, connected by our nature as one golden thread.” – Jeff Scult


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