Episode 10 – Masculine vs. Macho

Released on March 9, 2020
This week I talk about the difference between being masculine and being macho. When I think of macho I think of my ego and when I think masculine I think of my higher self. I used to think being masculine meant having elements of strength or position by being super macho. I love that we’re moving into a time where there’s a lot more belief of a balance of energies because females can be masculine, and males can be feminine. And I love this because there’s so much power in this. I know this because me and my partner, Francesca Moi, use both of our energies and our businesses have skyrocketed ever since.
What you will discover: 
– How to use your masculinity and not come across off as macho. 
– Using masculine and feminine energies to your advantage.
– Importance of femininity, perhaps focusing on purpose, connection, goal oriented.
– Utilizing a purpose-driven verse a profit-driven perspective when delivering your message to your clients.
– Why being macho will never allow you to take your business to the next level.