Episode 8 – Personal Positioning Story

Released on February 24, 2020
Today is all about personal positioning in your story and how you can relate it back to your clientele to become even more successful. I dive into how to use your story to create a clear message and stand out from everyone else. By creating a clear message, you also carve out your niche, which help create your own path to success. I tie this notion with technology, because as technology evolves, so do we, which will create your unique selling proposition. It is important to take the strategies you have learned and tailor them so they work better for you. I hope you enjoy this episode as I explore how you can create your personal positioning story.
What you will discover: 
– How to use your story to stand out from everyone else.
– Why you should love yourself first while helping your clients.
– Why connecting with people is crucial to success.
– Finding your unique selling proposition .
– Why you should stay uncomfortable and how this helps you grow your business.