Episode 5 – Disruptive Marketing

Released on February 3, 2020
This week I talk about the importance of caring about your clients. When I say “caring” I mean genuinely caring about their business, their fears and their passions. This goes a long way in business and I think this can be clouded in the business world – where many care only about their profits. It amazes me how some people don’t see the value in social media. You can reach people from all over the world – and it’s free. I discuss 3 concepts that you can show to your clients to lead them down the road to success. Including, direct messaging your target audience on social media while using a sales script and always offering value.
What you will discover: 
– Utilizing direct messaging.
– How to use a sale script in a genuine way.
– How to reach people across the world by creating a personal connection.
– Using a step by step blueprint.