Episode 3 – Reaction vs Responding

Released on January 20, 2020
This week I dive into reaction versus responsiveness and the power they have when you recognise your own power. I believe reaction is making a decision based off emotion, whereas responsiveness is responding to a situation after taking time to think about why you are reacting the way you are. I talk about using your masculine and feminine energy to help you respond to situations more effectively. I relate this to my childhood and how I had to rewire the way I thought about feminine and masculine roles. No one is perfect, and I even react to situations in a negative manner, but that is what growing and learning is all about – making mistakes and learning from them. It’s all about stepping into fear and getting shit done.
What you will discover: 
– How to makes decisions based off facts and thinking and not emotions.
– How to get responses from people and not reactions.
– Using your masculine and feminine energy to help you succeed.
– Attracting the right people into your life.
– How to avoid decisions that will hold you back.