Episode 2 – Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur

Released on January 15, 2020

This week I explore everything about solopreneurship. I walk you through the pros and cons of being a solopreneurship and my experiences from being one. I was travelling the world and working from my laptop – it was the life I dreamed of. Compared to entrepreneurship, solopreneurship can be lonely, but I still love it. In this episode, I explore the differences between the two, which can hopefully help you determine what type of leader you want to be. Do you prefer working alone or would you rather be a leader in a team? The choice is yours, but just follow your heart.


What you will discover: 

– Solopreneurship vs. entrepreneurship.
– How you can learn from those around you.
– Why you should invest in yourself.
– Creating a unique selling proposition