Special Edition – Empowering Conscious Organizational Behaviour with Sri Preethaji

Released on January 18, 2024

Cultivating awareness within any organization comes down to the leadership, the founder, and the executive teams.

When we take the time to set those intentions to enhance a culture, we know that the strategic process will show up. Because focused attention finds solutions, and as legendary marketer and management consultant, Peter Drucker has said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Join me and Sri Preethaji, a spiritual leader and philanthropist, as we discuss a collective vision for creating an awareness of Oneness and amplifying enlightened leadership across the planet. With already millions of followers and an intentional focus, where people can experience compassion, connection, and creativity.

Sri Preethaji emphasizes the importance of living free from suffering and stepping into a state of calm and peace to create even more wealth and master meaningful relationships. 

We focus on how the impact of conscious leadership in organizations and communities, can manifest a new generational paradigm that changes the experience for our businesses, our bottom line, and the people, planet, and purpose we serve.

We go into depth on the 4 day Field of Awakening immersions offered around the world by Sri Preethaji and the dedication and focus it brings to ones personal journey to have the courage to manifest and lead a conscious corporate culture.

Join the upcoming dates in:

Sydney,Australia – March 14 – 17, 2024 – ⁠https://www.ekam.org/foa-aus-2024/⁠

Miami, Florida – March 21 – 24, 2024 – ⁠https://www.ekam.org/foa-miami-usa-2024/⁠

Mexico – April 18 – 21, 2024 – ⁠https://www.ekam.org/foa-mexico-apr-2024/⁠

Verona, Italy – April 25 – 28, 2024 – ⁠https://www.ekam.org/foa-verona-it-25-28-april-2024/⁠

Looking forward to seeing you all experience the profound wisdom. Thank you Sri Preethaji, Sri Krishnaji, and all the Ekam Staff, Faculty, and Lokaa Foundation Volunteers for your grace, kindness, and hospitality while I was in India.

Grateful for these eternal friendships.

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