Episode 171 – Unlocking Intuitive Body Language with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Released on May 18, 2024

Our conversation with Doctor Bradley Nelson highlighted his journey from childhood experiences to holistic healing. Doctor Nelson emphasized instant healing possibilities through unseen powers and the importance of discovering emotions and the power on overall well-being. We discussed tapping into the subconscious mind for communication with the body’s natural intelligence, addressing inherited emotional energies that have been influenced and influence future generations.


The Emotion Code involves using a chart of 60 emotions to locate and address emotional energies.

Dr. Bradley demonstrated a process using the Emotion Code chart to identify and release specific emotions. The method involved asking questions and using techniques like the ring in ring method and swiping over the governing meridian.


Understanding how the subconscious communicates is crucial for emotional healing.

Listening to the language of the body can reveal valuable insights into emotional well-being.

The Emotion Code helps individuals identify and release emotional energies, leading to a broader understanding. It can open people up to addressing negative belief systems and supporting personal growth.


Paying attention to the body’s signals can unlock physical wisdom and emotional intelligence.

Learning to trust oneself and listen to internal cues fosters congruence and self-awareness.


Doctor Nelson emphasized maintaining childlike openness and humility in our journey, acknowledging a higher power’s transformative role as we walk the path. He introduced and discussed certification programs like the Belief Code to empower individuals globally with natural healing methods

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