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Eric Balance
Eric is an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada who went to university for accounting and finance but found his passion in digital marketing, specifically direct response.

Eric is a direct response expert who helps companies profit wildly through the online space. He has personally helped coaches monetize their knowledge online and helped them build a brand around themselves so they can have more freedom and fulfillment.

Eric's clients are some of the fastest-growing heart-led entrepreneurs creating a massive movement around their mission and are able to cultivate cashflow so they can give more, do more, and create more.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Covid-19 negatively affect my business and/or results?

Great question, right now is the time to leverage your expertise and brilliance online, as you can see some of the worlds greatest such as my mentor and teacher, Tony Robbins, and great marketing legends that I continue to work with have pivoted online to make the most out of the current circumstance.

This is your time to make a massive change in your industry, and your life. Creating your own economy will give you the ability to not worry about any of the conditions outside of your control.

Q: How long will it take me to earn my money back?

This is amazing, as so many of my clients love to know this immediately, the truth is that you get out of this program what you put into it. So although many clients have 5x their investment in the first 30 days, there are also people who make back their investment in 60 days.

My goal is for you to double your investment by the end of the 90 days and with the energy you put into this, and the willingness to learn, I have zero worry that you will not.

Q: Is there a catch to the 60 day guarantee?

No catch, all you need to do is show up to all the calls and implement all the work, if you do everything and think that you didn’t get what you wanted before the 60 days guarantee, we will give you all your money back. ALL you have to do is show us all your implemented steps.

Q: What if I cannot afford the program right now?

We believe in the responsibility to create your opportunities, and when you say you cannot afford anything it naturally puts you in an energy of lack thereof. As my mentor Tony Robbins says, it's not the lack of resources but the lack of resourcefulness that will stop you from achieving your wildest dreams.

Q: What if I've tried this before and been burned?

I understand that there are many coaching and marketing programs out there telling you that their program is the best. That is not in our DNA here at Business Nirvana, but to reassure all our potential clients, we believe so much in our product and the services we offer that we have put in place a 60 Day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to ensure you love it or leave it.

Q: Is it really possible to sell high ticket online?

Absolutely! It is the way giants like Apple have lifted off the ground and raised the capital to generate enough momentum to serve more of their audience. Would it not be easier to sell 20 people at $1000-$2000 than 200 people at $100-$200.
The philosophy behind this is simple and that is why some of the greatest started this way to create freedom fast and then invest it back into their business to grow in other areas.

Q: How exactly do you help me?

First thing I do is see if you are a good fit on the call and if you are coachable. Once we determine we are a good fit for one another. We grow fundamentally and get clear on your goals, your expertise, extract that brilliance and build powerful marketing momentum with a clear and compelling message to market.

As you go through the training you will generate the tool to differentiate yourself from your market segment with a unique methodology and your proprietary process that we get to create together. EXCITING STUFF!!!

Then we develop the understanding of how to convert that message to reach around the globe and implement the systems and strategies to automate for sales and retention to create monthly recurring revenue.

Q: Will I get the support that I need?

This is so important for me. SUPPORT is the number one way to turn Decades into Days. Essentially accelerating the learning and success curve. We have weekly coaching calls as well as action items where you can submit to the support desk to receive video feedback.

Q: What if I am completely new to all of this and have nothing setup?

The best place to start is with a clear path, and if you are just starting out it means that you have no bad habits and most of my beginner clients are the ones that build the fastest momentum as they are a sponge to learn and will implement the right foundation from the beginning. The best time to start is when you are new so you accelerate right away rather than trying to do things that do not work for you.

Q: Do your methods work outside North America?

The Global market is the only market to be in right now, I have been travelling for the past 36 months around the world, living in North America, Europe, Bali, and Australia and implementing the methods I teach to help creators from all over the world.

Q: What if I'm scared to invest?

Money is the most common block to get past and fear will always be there to keep you safe, but growth does not come from your comfort zone. Our ego does not want something new and different to come into our world because it needs certainty. The truth is your fear has never helped you create something bigger than yourself, it's always held you back.

If you want to do the same thing you have always done and continue on the same path and pattern, you will continue to have the same results. If you want something to change, your actions and thoughts will need to change. Have the courage to recognize your fear and do it anyways, it will be the most liberating and freeing feeling, especially since you will see that you will not only create a massive confidence and belief in yourself, you will see that you are worth the investment.

Q: Does your program work only with coaches?

Many of our clients are conscious creators. This entails coaches, consultants, healers, and speakers that know they have an expertise or a brilliance within themselves and have that vision and ideal ingrained into their heart, but it's time for them to make it a reality.

If this is you, we can help!

Q: Do I need a big social media presence to succeed?

I believe that this is the most common myth out there in the world about working online. Here is the truth. If you know 10 people you can be a success, many of us know more and when we teach you how to implement the MRR Method inside of Business Nirvana, you will be fascinated by the amount of people who now have a presence started at zero.

We all need to start somewhere, and your presence online does not dictate the value that you have or the brilliance you can bring to the table, think about it this way. Right now, you are just the worlds best kept secret and there is so much more you can do!
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