How To Get Your Message online In 60 Days and start
Do you want to build an online community that will give you the freedom to travel, work your own hours, and create the impact you want to leave on the world?
If so, then...


Introducing The Conscious Accelerator program that will show you how I’ve helped my clients quit their jobs and start generating monthly recurring revenue, and recognition.

I know we have all seen things like this in the past with people trying to teach you how to make money online, but didn’t join because something felt off but this is more than generating an income, its about generating a transformation for you and your purpose, your vision.

Or maybe you’re just not sure you can actually do it. I mean, it take a different belief system to do something unique, but its not crazy... 
Our voice and mission has meaning, and you can make it happen... 

and love every moment.
The Conscious Accelerator is something I created to help people make the income they want online so they can make the change they want to make in the world by amplifying their unique expertise and knowledge.

Inside this program I am going to show you how to get your clients online and start generating a movement in your message where you are making money and helping people with your purpose.

When you sign up, you are going to be committing to consuming and implementing the information inside 6 weeks of online video modules, and being an active participant inside our private support community.
Week 1: Business Foundation + Evolution Of A Conscious Creator
To get you to start generating money online, we need you to start thinking differently to create a different outcome in your life. Week 1 will be all about shifting your mindset so we can shift your reality. 
Week 2: How To Be A Conscious Cashflow Magnet
We need to take action and start to build a new reality for yourself. Week 2 is all about setting you up for success so you can experience results faster instead of pounding your head against a wall for weeks to come.
Week 3: Conversion Methodology
It’s time to start building your “goodwill bank account” with your audience. During this week, it is my goal to get you on your first sales call with a prospect and see if you can close them if you haven’t done this already. 
Week 4: Magnetizing Your Community
This focus is on building marketing momentum off of a marketing message that brings out emotional, spiritual, and physical feelings for the prospect. 
Week 5: Monetizing Your Audience
If you can apply what I’m going to teach you in week 5 you could be light-years ahead of other business owners and making thousands and thousands of dollars a month in no time.
Week 6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery + Business Automation
True wealth comes from being able to make money when you are not working. The overview for week 6 is learning how to create high level wealth WITHOUT scaling your time input but your rather your products. 
heart-led leaders
change the world
Does culture affect your belief systems?⁣
I believe that historically there was a certain way to create societal integrations, family virtues, and creative projects that have been determined by a set of belief systems forged from the past…⁣
Today business, family, nations, are seeking new ways to paint the masterpiece of our current world, and the youth of our society want to do it with inclusivity…⁣
The old way of doing things was in competition to each other, while today we are all more focused on the collective capacity…⁣
… one may even see this as a more feminine approach, rather than coming from an ego perspective, we can start to see things as a ethnocentric identity that looks after one another…⁣
This way the NEW culture can be the one that appreciates and accepts all cultures because when you can see the beauty in others all you can see are the points that connect us.⁣
This has been my experience.⁣
Travelling, seeing the world, and immersing myself among so many different belief systems has allowed me to put the pieces together and discover that we are and always have been doing our best to “say” the same thing…⁣
…the thing I believe most of us have forgot how to do was express its consciously into the world.⁣
If you feel like the culture, the mission, the energy you want to bring out needs to be communicated more effectively to the world.⁣

Then this is for you...
with love,
Eric Balance
Eric is an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada who went to university for accounting and finance but found his passion in communications, leadership and redefining organizational culture.

Eric is a communication and leadership expert who helps companies profit wildly through the online space with their mission and the community they serve. He has personally helped communities, organizations, visionaries and CEOs raise their intentions and aligned them to build their message clearly online and helped them build a brand around themselves so they can have more impact, freedom and fulfillment.

Eric's clients are some of the fastest-growing heart-led entrepreneurs creating a massive movement around their mission and are able to cultivate true influence so they can give more, do more, and create more.



 “I’ve never done anything like this before, how do I know it will work?”

The simple answer is… You don’t know. That’s a question I can’t answer for you. But I can tell you that I’ve taught 100+ people to start generating momentum online. They’ve started out as personal trainers, waitresses, healers, coaches, and even working in office jobs..but they’ve ALL generated cashflow online. If you can follow instructions and are willing to put the effort it takes to succeed, there is a good chance you are going to do VERY well in this course.

 “It seems like a lot of work. How much time is this going to take?”

Commit to an hour a day. At bare minimum it will be at least 6 hours per week with 1 day off.

 “I’m in another program, should I still join?”

Absolutely. These are the fundamental tools that lead into creating any successful online business. Chances are your current course doesn’t offer lifetime access to as many resources as I’m giving you today, and even if it does, I highly doubt you are getting the same level of information as you’re going to get in this program.

 “I want to wait for a better time. Can I join later?”

The most successful people are ACTION TAKERS. A pattern of success is making fast decisions. So what are you waiting for? There is never going to be a “perfect time” to start. There will always be something that is trying to stop you from stepping up and claiming your power. That’s why you’ve got to make a decision. Is it time to change your life? Or is that something this isn’t important to you right now?

 “I have a partner/loved one, is this something that can help both of us grow?”

YES! If you are trying to create a better life for you AND your family, The Conscious Accelerator is probably the best to do it, because it won’t require you to work all hours of the day. You can build your business without sacrificing your family time.

 “Will I be able to quit my job if I join this program?”

This is the goal from the program for sure, but here’s what I’ll tell you. You usually want to see stability in a business before you give up everything else you’re doing. Just because you made 5K one month, it may not mean you’ll make that every single month. This is why I’m teaching you mindset momentum and giving you the tools so we can stabilize your business before you quit your job. Eventually though, yes. You will be able to fire your boss and quit your job if you do the work.

 “Is there a guarantee?”

If you put in 100%, I will put a 150% guarantee that this will change the trajectory of your life forever because you’ll start making more money than you ever knew was possible online. That is the guarantee for the results you will get. 
Yes, I want access to the
Conscious Accelerator
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