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It’s time to fuel your flame...Exclusive FREE training for individuals who feel like there should be more to life than a 9-5 job and a white picket fence in your front yard
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It’s time to fan your flame...Exclusive FREE training for individuals who feel like there should be more to life than a 9-5 job and a white picket fence in your front yard
we will not spam or rent your information

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I didn’t think I was going to live through the night…

To be honest? 

I wasn’t even sure I wanted to live through the night…

I had inhaled a chemical cloud of crack cocaine into my lungs for the thousandth time or so in the past few months and was coming down off my high.

The effect was always the same…

The first time I did it I took a puff out of that shitty glass pipe, I felt like all my problems had been chased away.

I was lifted up to ride high on a cloud and finally enjoy the feeling of ESCAPING the societal pressure to go to school, get a good job, and spend the rest of my life doing some bullshit work I didn’t believe in so I could put myself into a good retirement home when I turned 70.

But getting high on the same drug night after night gets to be quite the chore. It’s never quite the same as your first time getting high…

Now instead of riding on clouds, I was sucking in as many puffs of the drugs as I could get, desperately trying to ward off the feelings of hopelessness and failure that consumed me whenever I would come back down off the high.

I felt GUILT because I knew my parents were lying in their beds wide awake praying for me to come home…

I felt ANGER because I knew that I was proving all the teachers and kids at school right when they told me things like, “You’ll never amount to anything Eric”...

And maybe worse of all, I felt like I had given up on my big dreams to change the world and bring people together for the pleasure of a 10 minute high from a crack pipe…

...So, there I was lying on the floor thinking that I would probably be better off dying right in a rundown apartment rather than ever show my face to the world again.
Eric Balance
Eric is an entrepreneur from Edmonton, Canada who went to university for accounting and finance but found his passion in digital marketing, specifically direct response.

Eric is a direct response expert who helps companies profit wildly through the online space. He has personally helped coaches monetize their knowledge online and helped them build a brand around themselves so they can have more freedom and fulfillment.

Eric's clients are some of the fastest-growing heart-led entrepreneurs creating a massive movement around their mission and are able to cultivate cashflow so they can give more, do more, and create more.

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Let me fan your spark and help you create a fire in your chest that will bring you wealth, purpose, peace, and a sense of fulfillment that you are doing exactly what you are supposed to on this planet.

This is a 100% FREE training and you do not have to get your credit card out to cover any “hidden fees” or anything else like that.

However, if you know you want REAL, LASTING change in your life by the time you finish watching this masterclass, I will let you know how you can level up and join dozens of other people who have gone through this same training to:

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why is this Important
for you?
Because you WOULD NOT be here if you didn’t have some spark, some bit of hope deep down inside you that you can accomplish phenomenal things.

And that’s why I’m here today.

Several years ago, I was a dreamer who’s spark had been extinguished. I had finally given up and declared my big dreams impossible.

So I figured I might as well become a crack head a ride a wave of pleasure to my grave...

Now, today I am a sober entrepreneur who has made over $100,000 in ONE MONTH…

I speak on stage, I associate with the highest level business minds of our time like Tony Robbins, Todd Brown, Yahya Bakkar, Gerard Adams, and so many more.

And I’m proud to say, instead of a little spark flickering somewhere deep down in my soul, I have a FIRE that burns in my chest and pushes me to accomplish incredible things every day.

So I figure if a former crack head like me can create a 6-figure income online, why can’t you?
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