3 Amazing Concepts That Will Help You Show Your Clients the Path to Growth
Written by Eric Balance
How much do you care about your client?

Charismatic leaders have the audacity to come out from behind the woodworks and step into their power rather than worry about what others think.

They care more about the opportunity to serve their clients rather than their own self-limiting beliefs.

Your clients will never know how much you know until they know how much you care.

And for you to be able to give your need to get past the understanding that limitations come from your belief in LACK, rather than the creation of ABUNDANCE.

Our biggest struggles come from the uncomfortable belief that we have to get our clients to pay us, in fact how many of you feel guilty to ask for the sale?

Many of our primary limitations are the creation of a monetary return, and often times people will sense that if you don’t step into a leadership or expert role.


Don’t make it about money but rather than the sheer fact that you can solve their problem and this will give you all the abundance without any guilt to accept payment.

This way the relationship is never transactional rather it is transitional or transformational.

In fact, if it strictly transactional then you will struggle to grow your business, and people won’t truly be able to relate with you or want to.

Yes, investing in yourself is important, and standing out rather than hiding allows you to help your clients…

The people that hide in the background are not willing to step into the forefront, but rather judge and criticize others and it won’t give anyone to the ability to take themselves to the next level…

How do I know this? I was that person.

Once I decided to focus on my clients' pains, and be the sounding board that can solve their problems…

I grew, and so did my bank account…

3 amazing concepts that will help you show your clients the path to growth.

1. Ask for the sale! If you’re not willing, they will take the next person way more seriously. I have offered people my services for free and another person the same services for $25k and the one that paid. Grew lifestyle freedom and fulfillment. What do you think the results were for the person that didn’t pay? Still in the same place.

2. The more you grow the less time you have. To protect your time and serve your audience with automation and processes in a group setting. I thought I was serving my audience doing 1:1 and in fact, I was not really pushing my purpose to the capacity I knew I could.

3. Create a community. We are quick to decide what people see as a value but sometimes they need vibrational energy to step into something greater. People will define their value as they get it, and it will excite you.

Now go out and STEP UP or STEP OFF!

Eric Balance

Eric Balance helps people start and grow successful coaching businesses. He is an expert at helping people get clients using an online process and makes his approach very simple and easy to follow.

If you're a coach and looking to start your own online coaching business or scaling an existing one and you are struggling to create recurring revenue, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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