7 Things You Must Know
About Marketing and Sales in 2020
Written by Eric Balance
1. Under-priced attention is rising every single day that you're in business.

But our attention spans are diminishing, so it’s important to stand out. This means its more and more difficult to create a massive awareness around your purpose. Effective marketing is all about being able to meditate attention while holding that attention with effective communication. We are very much consumers and “trade” attention to consumption.

2. In the next few years from now, your ability to create raving fans without either someone else promoting you or investing a ton of money is going to be limited.

Those who invest in their audience and email addresses along with collecting phone numbers will win. In 2020, I am supporting my clients with an understanding of how list building and a mobile stand-alone business can help you flourish. Get serious on building the optimal audience, and understanding your ideal client. Did you know that most people who invested in BITCOIN would still get a bigger Return on Investment if they invested that money into creating an audience?

3. In order of importance of assets when you're collecting information from your potential leads and clients…

          1) Phone Number 
          2) Email Address
          3) Pixels
          4) Physical Address

The more information that you have about your community, the more places you'll be able to target this person and identify new opportunities.

4. As attention becomes more expensive, it means that the ability to find new sources of traffic outside of paid advertising is important.

You may ask… HOW? Using sustainable growth strategies such as organic and strategic partnership means allowing yourself to build streams of traffic and then using re-targeting tools across various platforms. What can you do NOW? Build these traffic sources now, before they also disappear.

5. There are 3 core mindsets around marketing that you have to always think about...

Number 1
The people who are waiting for something to happen and don’t even understand how much pain they are in… and don’t even recognize there is a problem.

Number 2
The Curious – They know there is a way that they can make a shift, they are seeking change but attempting to perfect it all alone.

Number 3
The Action Taker – These are the people that are ready to take the next step and are committed and willing to do whatever it takes, they will push through with courage.

You come in contact with each of these people each day...

The Action Taker? Get 'em on a phone call...
The Curious? Just give them content...

You must enable your leads to progress from one “number” to the next.

6. On top of this, there are also 3 focal points connected to marketing.

They are:

Marketing is based on their core understanding of their foundations. Much of marketing can be misaligned if not coming from a place of creative energy. This can be misinterpreted as being manipulative.

For example...

- If you're selling your coaching or consulting services and trying to come from a place of scarcity, you may get terrible clients that only come around based on price.

- If you're selling from a place of abundance and you use your Unique Methodology to market you will automatically get the "best" of the "best" clients.

That resonates with your methodology…


Share your story and the outline of what is included… People need to know where they are headed with working with you and how they will get there.

Allow people to interact and engage all year, get on waiting lists, and create momentum. And remember to help them to create an understanding that…

"If it's the right time, I'll do it".

Master this in your business and you will have flood gates of people wanting to work with you along with the "right" customer.

7. The more you polarize, the more you stand out and are relevant to your optimal audience.

Relevancy comes down to the ability to tie together your...

Ideal Client…
Brand Messaging...
Competitive Advantage...
Profitable Offer…

All together.

The more you speak to someone that is unique and specific. The more you'll find that person.

The duality of relevancy?
= Alienation.

The more often you receive the NO.

The more you will hear a YES from the right person.

Make space for them. It's simple, don't complicate it. And don't let the scarcity of relevancy set in – the mindset that you won't make more revenue

Be precise, be amazing and impactful for the one ideal client.

You will explode with that in mind.

Eric Balance

Eric Balance helps people start and grow successful coaching businesses.  He is an expert at helping people get clients using an online process and makes his approach very simple and easy to follow.

If you're a coach and looking to start your own online coaching business or scaling an existing one and you are struggling to create recurring revenue, reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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