Your struggles aren't what's holding you back...
It's your filtering process that you use to deal with them that is. 
Learn how to see the reality not the perception & get the answers that up until now, have been alluding you. 

This is the process that SAVED ME!

It helped me...

  • Travel the world.
  • Study under & with some of the most influential minds and spirits in business and consciousness. 
  • Even kick a crippling drug habit that almost ended my life, relationships & potential forever. 
  • I am a healer, conscious entrepreneur, and business advisor
  • I am a student of life and practitioner of wellness. 

I walk the path I walk because the traditional one that is promoted by society & the world around us didn't work for me. 

I tried fitting into the box and quickly realized that the box was suffocating everything that I was & everything that I dreamed I could be. The lessons I've learned & experiences I've had, have been beautiful, powerful, and most importantly life changing. 

I went from being completely oblivious of the world around me to acutely aware of everything around me

I have spent every ounce of energy and dollar I've made making me a better version of who I'm meant to be... Now I'm here for you, minus the endless process that keeps moving the finish line from you. 

My name is eric balance, your conscious facilitator in your journey

When I First Found Out The flaw in all my previous attempts to find my focus, I stopped at nothing to search for that missing link. 

  • I traveled the world
  • I hired experts
  • I took part in masterminds 

But no matter what I took part in, no matter how hard I tried it just didn't feel right and I still didn't feel complete. 

I realized there was no way anyone would be able to materialize what I felt in my heart & knew in my mind was what I needed. So what did I do? I went to work 
  • I journaled what it was that I was seeking & feeling
  • ​Documenting everything from that first epiphany, to what it exactly meant
After building the first version of my process, I realized I came close, so close, but it still didn't feel in my heart what it needed to be. So I kept what connected with me and discarded the rest, over and over until I finally got an iteration of my process that felt EXACTLY how it was meant to feel. 

Upon seeing the change in me, people started asking me what i was doing & what it was that sparked this new light within me. So i shared with them my process. 

One day, a friend of mine told me that I needed to share this with the world. I thought about it for a long time & after deep thought I agreed with my friend. Now it's here in front of you refined and designed to be the filter of feelings, situations, and your life guide to clarity and focus. 

How does this process work? 

  • 10 Simple Steps 
  • ​10 Simple Worksheets
  • ​10 Quick Videos
  • ​Easy & Practical Use
  • ​Designed To Fit Life At ANY Level
  • ​It Won't Take You Years To Benefit From It
  • ​You don't need a masters degree to understand it. 
i made sure to take everything i had learned after traveling thousands of mile finding all the pieces that finally came together for me all into one place

Ten Videos

- Powerful and meant for impact
- It's not about me giving you the answers, it's about giving you the concept and preparing your mindset to complete the accompanying worksheets. 

Ten Worksheets

- They aren't complicated, but are designed with deep intention. 
- Specific and purposeful questions laid out in a way that will allow you to walk from where you're at right now emotionally to the state you wish you could be. 

The Truth About This Course

- I won't sugar coat it, this is work, but if you take your time, follow my guidance, you'll notice how natural the entire framework feels. 

I Am Doing this because It's my personal belief that we all need to play & dance and enjoy life & who we are

  • I Personally Guide You On This Journey Through 10 Intentional, Actionable, And Step By Step Videos. 
  • 10 Worksheets That Help You Create The Framework For Your Future. 
  • Access To My Conscious Collective Network To Find Like Minded People Who Are On The Same Journey & For You To Experience Live Interviews And Continuous Guidance From Myself, And Other Conscious Leaders. (BONUS) 

$33.00 usd

Free For This Month Only!

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